My mum is having a birthday, and seeing how it landed on a Thursday, I figured it would be fitting to go ahead and share a great throwback picture of her on my personal Facebook. A real retro snapshot of how I remember her as a child – circa the 70s. I knew just what picture I would use, as I had seen it what felt like a million times. It was her in the backyard relaxing in the sunshine. I have a few of our family’s childhood photo albums under my bed, in all of their dusty avocado green, orange acid tainted glory. The first album I opened, right there on the first page, I found it. Keep Reading

For many of our clients, their visit to us will be the first time they have had a ‘proper’ portrait. That’s why we take the time to chat with you about what’s important to you and your family.

Our team are meticulously trained by Mark Strachan and other experienced team members who have been with the studio for many of the 30 years we’ve been in business. Keep Reading