Clothing suggestions

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Because Artist Photographer Portraits will be cherished for many generations to come, many people like to dress simply. For many, this will be the most elegant portrait they will possess in a lifetime. Based on over thirty years’ experience, we suggest that you consider the following:


Colourful Clothing will denote a more Contemporary style of portraiture. Bold colours will depict a sense of fun and vibrancy in your portraits. Ultimately, this style of portraiture will be more indicative of your present time and styles in future years to come.

Pastel Coloured or Lighter Coloured Clothing will give a more subdued appeal to your portraits. This is more suitable for those who wish to have a more timeless quality to their portraits. This colour palette usually suits young children or those with darker complexions.

Dark Solid Colours are recommended for most clients, particularly those who want a more classic and dateless approach to their portraits. Darker tones are usually recommended for Black and White portraits. The solid colours will bring more focus to your faces and eyes.


Also, choose a style that will look acceptable 20 years down the line, as many people make the mistake of wearing trendy clothing only to regret it when fashions change. Remember, it’s your face and eyes that should draw the attention in your portrait – not your clothes!


If you prefer a formal look … then the following guidelines will help:


Men/Boys: Darker, solid tones, shirt with suit or jacket, polo top or skivvy. Tie is optional. Shave on the day of your portrait to avoid a ‘five o’clock shadow’

Ladies/Girls: Darker tones. Little or no pattern or stripes is preferred. We recommend your make-up is applied as usual.

Everybody: Dress comfortably – if you feel comfortable, then you will look comfortable!


Below are some animated examples of how different clothing photographs in color and black & white. The great news is that you don’t need to decided on B&W vs COLOUR portraiture at your session – you can decide that at your Image Selection Appointment! Some of our clients elect to feature their main portrait in one finish and others from their collection in another.

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