Delivery Policy

  1. Due to the delicate nature of our beautiful artworks, all finished pieces must be collected from either our Richmond or Geelong studios.
  2. All completed artworks are securely packed for the journey home in your car. Please ensure that you have ample space in your car with either an empty trunk or folded down rear seats and no loose or sharp objects that may harm your portraits. We are very happy to assist you to your vehicle and help you secure your artworks.
  3. In certain circumstances, your ordered artwork may be sent to you at your cost via your preferred courier, so long as a disclaimer has been signed by you along with a delivery address where a person can sign for the delivery. We never authorise work to be left without a signature. Adequate insurance equal to 50% of the cost of your artworks should be taken out to ensure replacement in the event of damage.
  4. All orders not collected within 90 days of you being notified will be placed into off site storage at no cost for an additional 90 days. After the additional 90 days have passed, we are no longer able to store uncollected orders and will be disposed. We are under no obligation to remake your order if it is disposed of. In some instances, we may be able to hold beyond this time if we agree to that in writing.