FAQ’s – Buy Your Recent Digital Portrait Files



Why are we doing this?
We wanted to give you the opportunity of owning your beautiful portraits, prior to replacing this backup server.

Can I preview the images prior to deciding?
We are not offering previews for this incredibly low price – the pricing reflects staff handling time in preparing these files and despatching them to you.

Can I purchase my images from another year?
Not at this stage.

How many portrait files can I expect?
This varies, but 25 on average including retouched ordered files plus the unretouched files you didn’t order. Note that this is an average and backed up file quantities can vary.

How big are the files?
Large enough to print an A4 print. Larger prints are possible depending on your individual software and skills.

What file format are the images?
JPEG and/or TIFF

Are there any refunds on delivered files?
We’re sorry, but due to the duplicable nature of our files once they are delivered to you, we are unable to offer any refunds. The low price of $179 makes this a great deal, even for one file!

How will the files be delivered?
You will receive an email within 7 working days of your payment with a web link which will include a compressed zip file with jpeg images and/or TIFF files to download.

NOTE! I We have had a huge amount of traffic since the SMS messages went out! If you are having trouble with the BUY NOW link above, simply email accounts@artistphotographer.com
with your best contact number and we’ll call you.