Preparing your Fur Baby for Portraits …


Pants! If you’re bringing your pet, we think it’s good for everyone to wear long pants so they can comfortably and modestly sit down with their Fur Baby.

Avoid heavily patterned clothing and preferably choose fabrics that are not hair attracting (especially if you have a breed that sheds). Wool and tee shirt material is particularly bad in this respect.

It is also good if you can wear colours that co-ordinate with each other and complement the colouring of your Fur Baby. For example, if you have a black dog you will want to avoid black clothing as your dog will get lost against your clothing.  

It is important that dogs are groomed before the session and that their fringes are clipped so that their eyes are clearly visible – this is where we can easily bring THEIR personality out!. We also advise to clean around their eyes to remove any gunk. Clipping their claws will save the our photographer, furniture and floor from being scratched.

If your Fur Baby has favourite toys that you’d like to include in your portraits, please bring them along but keep them hidden in a bag so that they are not aware they are there – we want to have some reward available to help them cooperate!

With dogs, we would advise that you take the dog for a short walk before coming to the studio. The areas around both studios are very flat and are easy on both your Dog and you! A short walk will calm their excitement levels and make it easier for us to get those perfect portraits!

If they are a little hungry they will be more responsive to treats – please bring whichever is best (Schmacko’s can make dogs a bit too excited, but something is better than nothing!) but keep them hidden! Our photographer will know the right time for them to be revealed in the Session.