How it works …

how we do it

With over 35 years’ experience, our hand-selected team will always strive to ensure that your time with us is memorable and your end portraits are beautiful!

For that reason, we want to be sure to create images that will be meaningful to you and your family in the decades to come and that’s why we take the time to discuss what you love about your family and how we can capture those feelings in your portraits.

On your initial call, we will answer any questions you may have including clothing selection, so your portraits focus on you, not just on what you’re wearing. If what we discuss fits with what you have in mind, we can look at available appointment times, so please have your diary handy.

We will email you important information to help you prepare for your time with us. It’s very important that you click the CONFIRMATION LINK so we know you have read it.

To save you having to come back through traffic on a second day, everything happens on the same day including your photographer briefing, portrait session and your portrait selection appointment.

Your Portrait Session, set in one of our beautiful 130 year old studios, is going to be relaxed and fun. One of our experienced photographers, all who have worked overseas and have been trained by Mark Strachan, will go about creating beautiful images of those you care most about, in a way you will love!

Directly after your portrait session, you will be choosing your portraits …

At your Portrait Selection Appointment we will provide you valuable advice in selecting your family’s portraits and we will ensure that what you decide on is right for you, your family and your home. Even though you may finish early, please allow 60-90 minutes for this appointment. We want you to make the right choices after all!how we do it

Naturally, when you order ready-to-hang artworks based on our professional recommendation you are covered by our exclusive guarantee:


  • Your Order will be ready before your Promised Date
  • French Cotton or Framed Paper Portraits are Protected for Life against Fading and Any Accidental Damage

Sorry, we are unable to offer the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on unframed paper portraits.

With over three decades in the craft of creating beautiful portraiture there is very little that we have not experienced and this assures you the best results.


Can we have our portrait session at our home or other special location?

Many of our clients wish to incorporate a location special to them in their portraits. For those families wanting their portraits created on location, founding photographer, Mark Strachan, is available for 2 to 3 families per month. Mark specialises in black & white imagery and these portraits may be created at your family home, beach or park at a nominal additional fee. Simply ask our Reservations Manager for further details.