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Moénika Hübsch-Wong

Moénika is one our key international photographers, joining the artist photographer team in early 2014. Picking up her first camera at the age of 8, Moénika began her photographic journey capturing the beautiful wildlife and landscapes of her home country of South Africa.Upon completing her photography studies in Pretoria, she accepted an internship with a large company for a year where she learnt additional skills in Sound Engineering, Video Production, Lighting and Broadcast Television, eventually starting her own company in 2007 where she gained a large clientele including FIFA, Vodafone, McDonalds, MTN and Ernst & Young.

In 2011 She received certification in black & white portraiture under the tutelage of Joe Craig. Since this achievement, she has been commissioned to work throughout Alaska, Hawaii, California, British Columbia, Mexico, Ukraine & Vanuatu.

Having won numerous awards, her work has been published in popular sports magazines, author book jackets, and her work was recently showcased in an exhibition in both New York and The Louvre in Paris.